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Everyday more and more information is being censored by conglomerates like Youtube. It’s becoming hard to share content that exposes the truth and pushes the boundaries! Some topics are heavily suppressed, like our research into to the CCP Corona Virus and #Obamagate. There is even more controversial but important topics we can't share publicly on Youtube. That's why we created EdgeofWonder.TV, a streaming platform and THE place to get the best truth content out there.

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  • Original Shows Created Only for .TV, like Ascension Teachings, Into the Storm and Worlds Within
  • Exclusive Content, including: The Deep State Cult, Celebrity Madness, Relics of Power Docu-Series, Live Conference Footage, and much more!
  • Interviews with Top Insiders, Whistleblowers, and Experiencers
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  • The work you guys are putting in is worth a hell of a lot more than $10 a month, we appreciate you guys and all you do.
  • I am so thankful for your work. Thank you so much for exposing this. Nothing is more important now.
  • This was an awesome episode. The dedication to finding facts is unmatched. Great job guys!
  • I have spent more than I care to admit on unnecessary items for more than $10/month... Most importantly- if you love Ben & Rob as much as most of us do, you won’t be disappointed.
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Who is Edge of Wonder TV for?
For anyone who want to see exclusive, premium content that we can’t upload onto YouTube (due to their policies) and support the work that we (the Edge of Wonder team) do— to surface the truth to the world. Our goal is to increase the value of Edge of Wonder TV over time.

When are new episodes published?
We publish premium content on the platform every day!

How much does Edge of Wonder TV cost?
Edge of Wonder TV costs $9.99 per month or $108.00 per year ( that's 10% off).