The Sports Industrial Complex

The Sports Industrial Complex Part 3: Exposing the Cover Up with Larry Gaiters

With the infiltration of ancient texts, do we know where the term Lucifer really comes from? What is the Lucifer-Satan connection? How does the NBA tie into these religious concepts and why is the Chinese Communist Party and COVID-19 involved?

Are you ready to spiritually rumble? Bishop Larry Gaiters is here to expose and exorcise the dark forces and their nefarious agendas. Ben, Rob, and the Bishop take all the gloves off in this incredible 2nd-half interview.


Hey Wonder-fans, we’ve noticed a few comments take issue with some of the stuff mentioned in this interview and we want to emphasize that the views of our guests do not represent those of Edge of Wonder. Each and every one of you is loved and appreciated in this community. As truth seekers, naturally we all have different understandings of the truth and of history. We hope that from sharing a variety of viewpoints everyone can form their own informed truth of the information available to us out there. Our mission is to stay united, compassionate, and accepting our differences and we love each and every one of you.

EOW Team

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