Worlds Within with Simon Esler

Overcoming Psychological Warfare, Part One

Episode 6
Edge of Wonder is proud to welcome our newest guest Simon Esler, for an exclusive 12-part series, Worlds Within.

War is a primary catalyst for the spiritual growth of the human race. Season One of this series will weave through different expressions of warfare through the lens of a variety of spiritual teachings, old and new.

Through unpacking the wisdom that is revealed through understanding war in our lives, viewers will be called to become conscious, peaceful expressions of free will on earth. Welcome to Worlds Within! Only on

Episode 6 - Overcoming Psychological Warfare (Part 1):
This week ask the question: "Are highly intelligent, informed citizens with the capacity for clear, logical thinking seen as threats to the deep state? Why did the controversial entity known as QAnon choose the “Anons” on 4chan as a channel to the population at large? Does this community of researchers possess a psychological profile that undermines modern social engineering? In comparison, what kind of psychological profile does the deep state seek out for recruitment?"

Find out this week on Overcoming Psychological Warfare Part 1!

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