The Human Experience with Deanne Adamson

Welcome to the Human Experience

Episode 1
Join us for episode one of the Human Experience, where we take a journey through our shared existential circumstance, the inevitable hardships and crises we face as humans, and the danger of accepting the given social narrative and temptations of the material world as the absolute truth and turning an eye on the deeper existential conversation within our own hearts. Pain, suffering, and crisis is a part of being alive; it is how we face and navigate these circumstances that determines what we yield in this life and what our life serves.

About Deanne:
As founder of Being True To You Transformational Recovery, Deanne is paving the way into the new era of addiction recovery through this transformational program. Deanne trains and certifies Transformational Coaches to work with incoming clients. Deanne has a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling, and a background in academic psychology, philosophy, and theology, psychotherapy and personal development, family & child care services, and judicial victim advocacy.

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Twitter: @BTTYCoaching

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