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The Illuminati Dark Agenda: The Rap Industrial Complex [Part 1]

The music industry is huge and we all know how them Illuminati love their money. It’s no wonder that a lot of attention is given to this industry to optimize revenues and profits. But a lot of you probably don’t really know how all this works. And even less of you probably know about the hidden agendas within the music industry. Well hold onto your hats everyone and get ready for one of the wildest rides we’ve been on yet.

You may think we’re kidding, but within minutes of looking into this we already realized this was going to be one of the craziest series we’ve produced and it gets so nuts that we’re not able to publish everything you Youtube.

Edge of Wonder exposes the music industry episodes:

Episode 1: The Illuminati Dark Agenda: The Rap Industrial Complex [Aug. 8]
Episode 2: Celebrity Cloning [Aug. 15+20]
Episode 3: Jay-Z's Hierarchy [Aug. 22]
Episode 4: Gangster Rap comes out of the Closet [Aug. 29]


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