The Pizzagate Conspiracy

The Pizzagate Conspiracy Part 2: How the Deep State used Social Media for their dirty deeds

Finally, the episodes everyone has been waiting for, our own videos on Pizzagate that is exclusively on our EOW TV platform. After spending countless hours researching, we put together everything we could find on this topic. It also took a completely different direction than we originally thought and honestly, the results were rather shocking.

In Episode 2, we go even deeper with the weird connections the bands who played at Comet Ping Ping have, strange high profile deaths that happened all within a few weeks apart, and how social media was used by the Deep State from what appears to be a massive network of child trafficking.

We also get more into an incredibly disturbing leak, what was really was going on at Epstein's Island, and some images of what people believe to be… Hillary Clinton (yes, without pants).

We went into this with an open mind and while the facts are heart-wrenching, the results will shock you! So get mentally prepared for our second episode in what will be an on-going series, on Pizzagate.


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