The Pizzagate Conspiracy

The Pizzagate Conspiracy Part 1: Comet & The James Alefantis Distraction

After spending countless hours researching, we put together everything we could find on the topic of Pizzagate. It also took a completely different direction than we originally thought and honestly, the results were rather shocking.

In this 1st episode, we break down the beginnings of Pizzagate, who is involved, and how a pizza shop owner, listed as DC's top 50 most influential people by GQ's magazine, became the center of this conspiracy.

We breakdown connections, all of the bizarre Instagram posts, Alefantis’ weird fetishes, and how the Clintons, Podestas, and many more are all connected.

We went into this with an open mind and while the facts are heart-wrenching, the results will shock you! So get mentally prepared for our first episode in what will be an on-going series, on Pizzagate.



+ GQ Article:
+ Companies and Properties Owned by James Alefantis:
+ Comet Ping Pong Basement:
+ Cages:Guided Tour of Comet
+ Blood Dude:
+ Podesta Emails
+ Ryan O’Neal:
+ Official Declassified FBI Pedo Doc:
+ Kim Noble:

Special thanks for Anons on 8Chan for spending countless hours researching on threads!

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