About Us

We’ve been getting a lot of accusations from people with rather poor researching skills about our production company Universal Communications Network Inc, or The Epoch Times, or even the meditation practice being persecuted in China called Falun Gong. They seem to think we are a part of Universal Studios, that we are mysteriously tied to the Epoch Times (which anyone who watches us knows that we used to work there), or that we get our funding from a meditation practice, which accepts no money from their followers … all of which couldn’t be further from the truth. Please read below our About Us to find out more.


At the Edge of Wonder we believe there is more to this world than meets the eye. We want to take you on an adventure to the edge of human body, life and the universe discovering wonders and fascinating phenomena that science and mainstream media hardly ever acknowledge.

Join us our hosts Ben Chasteen and Rob Counts as they embark on this journey of truth-seeking and conscious awakening.

Topics Edge of Wonder will cover and are not limited to:

  1. Conspiracy Theories
  2. Disclosure
  3. The Deep State
  4. Q Anon
  5. Spiritual Awakening
  6. The Mandela Effect
  7. Supernormal + Paranormal Issues and Occurrences
  8. Ancient Cultures & Civilizations & History
  9. Alien Life Forms & Space
  10. The Human Mind + Body

Our mission is to blow your mind in every episode as we bring to light facts and research that the mainstream media has a hard time, finding, admitting and publishing.

You might find yourself at the edge of your seat as we bring you to the Edge of Wonder. (Ben wrote this line … just saying -Rob)

Edge of Wonder strives to be a non-biased voice in the Disclosure community. While we’re aware that not any one insider has the complete story, we do our best to offer our platform to insiders, excellent researchers, victims of abuse, and those with a voice and side of the story that can help us all to see and piece together the bigger picture. As always, these voices we feature on our platform do not represent Edge of Wonder’s views, and we encourage you to do your own research and think for yourselves. We humbly present our information for your consideration.  

Ben and Rob used to work for the Media The Epoch Times. That’s where they met! It was an awesome and eye opening journey working for a news outlet that isn’t funded by the Deep State and rigorously attempts to report truthfully in today’s fake news climate. The Epoch Times is now growing rapidly and Ben and Rob are proud to have been a part of their media.  


Edge of Wonder is a show a part of NTD Television, much the same way that Ancient Aliens is a show on the History Channel. Universal Communications Network operates as a (d/b/a) business, as NTD. This means that Universal Communications Network is NTD.  NTD and Universal Communications Network has absolutely no connections to Universal Studios whatsoever. Any in-depth research into this would find that there are no affiliations … and for those accusing us of this, their minds should now be put to rest.

NTD Television is an up and coming television media outlet that is independent of Deep State operations or funding. NTD was founded in the year 2001 to tell the truth to the Chinese people to expose the persecutions of Falun Dafa practitioners and other groups like Christians and Ugers in China who were being lied about by the communist state apparatus. It was a way for people being murdered and tortured under the Communist regime rule to have a voice and it continues to be that voice to this day. As the deep state continues to be exposed and attention starts to move to China, NTD will be respected for its boldness in striving to expose the truth. With that said, NTD was founded in 2001 with the mission listed. It was granted 501c(3) status in 2002.

Edge of Wonder is funded by youtube advertising dollars and their donation platform Edgeofwonder.tv. Instead of relying on Patreon, the guys at Edge of Wonder decided that creating a donation platform that gives something back to their donors was really important to them. That’s why they work hard to post at least 1 video per week on their platform with hard hitting information they can’t publish on Youtube due to censorship issues. While the subscription price is a little high at $9.99 per month, we encourage only those that have the funds and want to donate, to participate. They hope to build a strong community there of superfans. Any proceeds from Edge of Wonder, aside from buying Ben a new hat, go towards funding new truth initiatives.

Edge of Wonder is proud to work alongside NTD as we expose everything we can that negatively affects people and tell the stories that guide people to better lives.